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The Bottom Line

An ebook lending subject matter expertise towards improving payment accuracy and reducing the cost and administrative burden of claims processing


Payers have a fiduciary responsibility to pay claims accurately. The process of adjudication requires streamlined communication and processing across multiple payer departments, interfaced systems and add-ons, workflows, and external vendors, which opens up the doors for processing inefficiencies and risk exposure to payment errors, including misplaced payment responsibility on members and providers. AArete’s highly customized plan-specific solution helps payers transform their end-to-end claims process by focusing on the identification and resolution of known payer challenges resulting in higher rates of claims being paid accurately the first time. We help transform our clients from Payment Integrity into Payment Intelligence®.


This e-book navigates select AArete’s Payment Intelligence® areas of expertise and serves as a guide on how to approach these complex subjects.

AArete's Payment Intelligence™

AArete’s Payment Intelligence™ delivers actionable findings to the prepay adjudication and post-pay recovery processes by ensuring erroneous payments are identified, understood, recouped and rectified to prevent them in the future. For more information about AArete’s Payment Intelligence™ capabilities, click here.

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